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SonoAnalyzer OE version 1.2 - Rectangular (block) sonotrodes

I'm pleased to announce the immediate release of another new version: SonoAnalyzer OE (Online Edition) version 1.2 is available for download now. For full details please see the release notification on the SonoAnalyzer website.

The main change in this version is support for rectangular sonotrodes (block horns). At this stage only solid sonotrodes are supported, no slots, and the width is limited to a maximum 100mm (which in practice is
probably larger than you'd want to use for a non-slotted horn anyway). Models supporting wider, slotted horns are planned for SonoAnalyzer Pro, due for beta release later this year.

This release offers two options for block horn analysis: a simple stepped profile and a user-defined profile containing up to 12 sections of specified length and thickness, with blend (fillet) radii optionally inserted between any two adjacent sections or at the tip of the sonotrode.

Drupal 6 update

I've just updated the website to version 6 of Drupal's excellent content management system. In the process I've also made some changes, particularly in the way that thesis downloads are provided. If you have any questions about this or find any issues on the new website, please let me know through the contact form.


SonoAnalyzer RC (plus free Pro upgrade)

The first SonoAnalyzer production "release candidate" is now available through a new website set up specifically for it: www.sonoanalyzer.com.

Stepped-cylinder model

The software is available now at a price of Au$600 including 12 months of product support and online access. SonoAnalyzer is optimized and packaged for Microsoft Windows® 32 and 64-bit using Excelsior JET.

Three models are included at this time:

  • a stepped cylindrical axial-mode sonotrode / booster,
  • a hollow cylindrical ring (radial mode, primarily),
  • a thin-walled tube

Other shapes are already planned and custom models are also possible as add-ons.

Progress Ultrasonics Group

Located in Neuchatel, Switzerland, with partner organisations in Russia and India, Progress Ultrasonics Group develops technology-intensive ultrasonic equipment for oil and gas condensate production, processing and transport.

In trials, oil beds in Russia and Romania demonstrated successful results with an overall average efficiency of 200% oil flow compared to normal (double the flow rate).

SonoAnalyzer new release - Beta 0.22

<Update 09 Oct 2009>
I'm still getting enquiries about this long after the beta trial has finished. Please note that this trial software is no longer available for download and no more beta versions will be released. I'm still working on the production version and aiming to release it soon.
<End update>

First, my apologies to all beta testers, and anyone else waiting for the SonoAnalyzer ultrasonic calculator software. Frankly, it was much, much more difficult than I anticipated to create a usable database out of thousands of finite element results, and so it has taken much longer than expected to bring the program to this stage.

The good news is, it's finally done! At present only for the stepped sonotrode model but this will also provide the basis for many and varied other shapes to follow. I'm uploading the distribution files now and I'll make it available to the registered beta testers as soon as the files are in place.

SonoAnalyzer beta now available for download

<Update 09 Oct 2009>
I'm still getting enquiries about this long after the beta trial has finished. Please note that this trial software is no longer available for download and no more beta versions will be released. I'm still working on the production version and aiming to release it soon.
<End update>

The new, stand-alone, Java-OpenGL version of the aging Sonotrode calculator is finally available for limited release. This is a copy of the e-mail which has just gone out to the registered beta-testers.

Hello hopeful beta-testers!

Sorry for the delay getting this program out, and thanks for your patience so far. I have now finally got everything in place for limited publication of the first release version: 0.20 beta.

New PowerUltrasonics web site

If you've ever visited this site before you may have noticed that it's just changed... a lot! As well as the obvious style change, the entire structure of the site has been updated. Both of these changes were long overdue - the site has been relatively unchanged since its original launch in 1999 (prehistory in internet terms!).

The new site uses the popular and powerful Drupal content management framework, allowing me to combine all the separate logins of the old site (newsletter subscriptions, supplier database access and forums) into a single integrated system. It's also going to help a lot in the development of some new features of the site, coming very soon (watch this space!).

In the short term though, there is one small disadvantage - all passwords will need to be reset. To log-in to the new site please request a new password and follow the instructions. You can also find this link at the bottom of the left-sidebar on every page. The same process applies to both forum users and suppliers who held passwords to the old system. My apologies for the inconvenience but I trust you'll find it worthwhile.

At present I've transferred just about all the content from the old site. I'll be adding new content over the next few months to bring the site fully up to date. If you discover any problems with the new site please let me know, either by adding a comment here or via the contact page.

Thanks for your patience!

UltrasonicsWorld.com online store

A new online ultrasonics components store has just opened at www.UltrasonicsWorld.com. Check their amazing prices for replacement ultrasonics components, fully compatible with the major manufacturers' originals at a fraction of the cost.

ZVEI Handbook Horn / Sonotrode design and manufacture

Excerpts from the ZVEI handbook on ultrasonic plastic welding equipment design and manufacture

ZVEI (the German Electrical Manufacturers Association) produced a handbook some 20+ years ago covering all aspects of ultrasonic plastic welding equipment design and manufacture. This book "Ultrasonic assembly of thermoplastic mouldings and semi-finished products - Recommendations on methods, construction and applications", remains highly relevant today and the section on sonotrode (horn) design, manufacture and tuning is the best publicly available information I know on this topic.

ZVEI has kindly given me permission to reproduced the relevant section here. The complete handbook is still available direct from them: Sonotrode design and manufacture (from ZVEI Handbook).

Site updates

If you're a supplier please check and update your entry in the ultrasonics suppliers database, since new fields are available for you to include more detailed information about your business. More details and instructions on the Latest news page.

To those of you who have already seen the planned improvements to the site and given me your opinions - thank you. I am listening but have limited time to work on this so please be patient! If you haven't yet, please see the developments page, or have your say on the discussion forum (bulletin board).

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