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PowerUltrasonics mailing address:

PO Box 516,
WA 6014,

As an anti-spam measure I'm not including phone and e-mail details here but please leave a message using the contact form below and I'll get back to you.

Clients: If you're expecting an email from me and have not received it, please first check your spam folder. If not found please send a message below including your mobile number so I can reply by SMS if email isn't working.

A note about the SonoAnalyzer software:

The current situation is this: The beta trial is finished - the trial software is no longer available for download and no more beta versions will be released. The production releases - the entry level "OE" (online edition) and the full "Pro" version (for more complex models, online or standalone) are now available at $750 and $1500 (AUD) respectively. In addition there is a free version with limited capability and a trial version of OE offering 10 days use for $100, refundable against the cost of either OE or Pro. More information on all can be found on the SonoAnalyzer website.
Further releases may include additional pay-per-use options and an academic version for recognized institutions, subject to provisions allowing for publication of the models analyzed.

In view of the above, please don't use this form to ask for a free download!

To be kept up to date with developments as they happen please
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Chris Cheers