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Adjusting ultrasonic horn frequencies

I recently reworked one of my ultrasonic horns and I now need to tune its frequency. The horn is a 20 kHz solid steel horn that has a round diameter in the rear and narrows to a flat "blade" in the front. I do have access to a Dukane horn analyzer.

Can you tell me where I need to machine the horn to increase and also decrease the frequency?

Thank you.


Hello Ros,

As a general rule you increase the frequency by removing material from either end, reduce it by removing material in the centre (that tends to
be the more difficult option depending on the exact shape of the horn).


Thank you.

By chance do you know of any books or other form of reference that explains this?

This is an insightful book from Derks P.L.L.M PhD thesis. It is free online at Eindhoven University of Technology website.

I don't know of much that's still available - one of the best simple references was an old ZVEI handbook (German Electrical Manufacturers Association).

As a result I'm aiming to put up some more information on the powerultrasonics site soon "Horn design 101" or similar.

Can anyone else suggest currently available reference books on sonotrode design and tuning?



Can u help me getting the book "ZVEI handbook (German Electrical Manufacturers Association)". I can't find them in Malaysia. If in anyway u can buy the book for me..or direct me to whatever link related

I believe it's still available direct from [url=]ZVEI[/url] themselves - you can contact them through the web site. I'm also showing selected pages with their permission [url=]here[/url].