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ask for new materials in sonotrode

I am a Chinese Engineer.
I want to find a new material to be used in fabrication of Sonotrode.
The Sonotrode is used in wire bonding so that a low CTE is prefered.
Please give me suggestion.
Thanks a lot!

Hi bsli,

Honestly I think that it will be difficult to find a completely new sonotrode material. From my list the materials with the lowest thermal expansion are the engineering ceramics but they're expensive and difficult to use as sonotrode materials.

Perhaps it would help if you listed the materials you've already tried, and why they didn't suit your needs.


Chris - site owner, chief cook and bottle-washer.

Thanks for your reply!
we have tried Ti-6Al-4V.
Advantages: low density, high yield strength
Disadvantages: low modulus, low thermal conductivity, higher CTE
You know wire bonding need a very exact control so we want to find the materilas with very low CTE.
Could you explain why ceramics can not be used in horn?
Is it because it possesses a very low toughness?
Thanks again!

Yes, relatively low toughness is certainly a factor. Also cost, difficulty of machining and no threaded connections. Still, if you really need the low thermal expansion then it might be worth trying something like Syalon.

Chris - site owner, chief cook and bottle-washer.

You can use DC53 and harden it to RC52-54, that can take a good amplitude.

Please, the best steel for making sonotrodos for welding of non-woven, now use aluminum 7075 but has much wear.

Can you help me?