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Business Idea

Hello everyone. I have a Branson ultrasonic welder that was passed down to me. I currently own my own business and work from home. My question is: What kinds of things could I do with my Ultrasonic Welder to make some money? Are there any small businesses that one could start with an ultrasonic welder? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


Hello Joe,

The difficulty you'll have is that the tooling (sonotrode and base) for plastic welding is generally specific to a single product. So if, for example, your welder came with a set of tools for a Mk1 Widget and you know of a customer making Mk1 Widgets, you could offer them a welding service. But since this is redundant(?) equipment passed on to you I doubt that's the case.

If you're starting from scratch you'll also need to know how to build, test and develop your own tooling - neither cheap nor easy - and of course you'd be in direct competition with established ultrasonics businesses who already have that expertise. Also different products can benefit from welding at different frequencies, requiring more capital investment in welding equipment. So, bottom line, I've no suggestions for making quick money, sorry. Like most small businesses, something like this would involve a significant investment of time and / or money.

Chris - site owner, chief cook and bottle-washer.