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Designing & making a new Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Dear Chris,

I am currently working on a project which has requirement of a Ultrasonic cleaning machine. After seeing the machine we i mean my project team have decided to develop & manufacture that machine by our own & not buying from some other supplier.

Will it be possible for you to advise us so that we conclude that machine. ?

We have decided a time frame of around 4 months for this project.

Our parts are of around 50mm X 50mm X 50mm size. small automotive press parts. Material of the part is En-39, mild low carbon steels etc. We want to remove oil, dust from those parts. Production requirement is around 500 nos per day.

Also i have couple of questions with regard to Ultrasonic cleaner
1. How to decide which frequency is best for any application like for above requirement ?
2. How to calculate power ?
3. How to decide tank dimensions & sizes?
4. How to decide the location of cleaning transducers?
5. How to decide on no of transducers?
6. Is it better to buy Ultrasonic generator from outside ? What information we should share to our vendor in case of outsourcing ? What will be requirements?
7. Can a filtering system be connected to tank which will recycle liquid medium?
8. Is it mandatory that cleaning solutions should be added or even water can serve the purpose ?

I am sorry for asking you too many questions but basically i am from Mechanical side & have limited knowledge of electrical / electronics parts.

Will it be possible for you to advise us ?

Thanks in advance