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Diameter ratio too large

Hi there,

I used your sonotrode calculator, it is very useful. I have an application whereby my 50W transducer have to have a horn of about 12mm radiator diameter. The calc says the diameter ratio is too large, could I make two steps like 45mm to 24mm and the next step is from 25 to 12mm? It finally would look like a full wave. Or should I have to go for exponential horn?


Hi Raj,

I moved your post here - this is the only appropriate board for questions about the calculator.
I've set a rather arbitrary limit on step-up / down ratio, because at very high ratios the calculations on stepped sonotrodes become increasingly unrealistic. In any case a very high amplification in a stepped sonotrode is generally undesirable - likely to cause excessive stress in the smaller section.

You could certainly use 2 stepped boosters / sonotrodes to reduce from 45mm to 12 mm with a net 14:1 amplification, but do you really want that?

You can always change diameter at the interface between boosters, eg. if your booster is 45mm diameter you could fit it to a 24 / 12mm diameter stepped sonotrode for a 4:1 ratio. ie. the change from 45mm at the booster output to 24mm at the sonotrode input would not affect the output amplitude.

Alternatively as you say an exponential profile would be another option - this gives a much lower amplification for a given ratio of input to output diameter. I don't have an ETA for adding exponential sonotrodes to the calculator yet, sorry!