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Far Field weld

I am just started work with a small plastic company.we are having difficulty welding a small part. The part 38mm long 19mm diamenter .Hollow section wall thickness 2mm. Around the diameter is a 4mm hole. Due to weld length we seem to be unable to achieve a satisfactory weld .Both parts are acetal.

Any ideas



Hi Myles,

Far-field welding can be very difficult (I suspect it's more black art than science) but I'll try to suggest a few things to look at.

1. Presumably you can't change the design of the part, otherwise making it more rigid would probably help.
2. You may be able to improve things by changing the design of the weld concentrator, as for any welding process.
3. Finally, if you're hitting a resonance of the part then a change of frequency (up or down) might help.

Sorry I can't give you any real answers. Perhaps other readers would be willing to offer other suggestions.


Thanks Chris
I give will your ideas a try