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I am designing a generator with variable frequency and voltage; the specs for my transducer are P=50w Cs= 4nf Zm<30ohm F=44khz (cleaning transducer). I do not understand the relationship of these specs and the fact that I keep seeing 600 volts supply for some of the circuit designs?
What is the type of signal do they use positive square, negative square, square, full sine?
Thanks shon



Hi Shon,

Sorry but as a mere mechanical engineer my knowledge of the electronics is very limited. 600V for cleaning equipment sounds about right though (considerably higher for welding systems).

As for waveform my understanding is that square waves tend to be used mainly because of the electronic devices required to handle this sort of power. Obviously anything but a pure sine wave has the potential to excite harmonic modes. In the context of cleaning that could be a good thing, while for high-Q welding systems the harmonics will probably be filtered out by the mechanical properties of the system.

You might be interested in Miodrag Prokic's site [url][/url] and particularly the e-books he offers (they're way over my head!).

Maybe someone with more knowledge will provide better answers, or correct mine...