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Grain Direction for Titanium Bar Horn

Hi there,
I am looking at buying a block of Ti-6-4 titanium for a 9.5" long x 5" high x 1.7" thick horn radiused down to .945" thick at the face .Now my concern is the block I found (good price) has the grain running perpindicular to the weld face, is this a concern?

Please advise



Hi Scott,

I may be misunderstanding your description but if the grain is perpendicular to the weld face, wouldn't that be along the 5" (tuned 20kHz) dimension? If so it would be the same as any sonotrode made from bar stock - most of the sonotrodes out there have grain along the length.

For perfect grain alignment you'd probably want to make your sonotrode from a forging anyway, not any kind of block, but of course then cost becomes a major issue... In the end I doubt the grain direction will make that much difference to you - material and design are generally much more important.


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