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how to start

Sir,I am new on this board,new in ultrasonic art
and I am interested in water cavitation.
I would like to perform some experiments
with water heating by cavitation on my own.
I have read a lot of articles on internet about
ultrasonic principles and aplications and I have
got so many informations that I am completly
confused now.
Reason why I need some help is that I dont know
where and how to start.
My questions-
How powerful transducer I need to create
cavitation bubbles.
Which kind of booster and sonorode is the
most suitable for this job.
How depend feeding power and frequency
on the size of cavitation bubbles.

Thank you for your answer.

best wishes from Slovakia --- juraj


Hello Juraj, welcome to the forum.

First, if your aim is really water heating, forget ultrasonics. There are so many easier ways to heat water (a kettle would be my first choice!)

Now, assuming you're still reading, really you should start by looking at amplitude, which relates closely to intensity, rather than frequency or power. I'd suggest the best equipment to start with would be a probe-type ultrasonic system with a high gain and a small tip. This will give you high amplitude on a small area and so a high energy density - ie. lots of energy concentrated into a very small volume of water. Typical "sonicator" type systems working at 20-30kHz, 500-1000W would be suitable.

Be aware that used in this way the probe will be subject to very high stresses and you may well break a few. If you find you don't need so much intensity then a lower gain system with a larger tip would be the safer option.

As for the size of the bubbles, that's really beyond my limited knowledge but intuitively I would think a lower frequency (giving more time for the bubbles to expand) and higher amplitude (giving greater pressure differentials) should give you larger bubbles.

Hope that helps somewhat...


SIR ,Thank you for your answer.
Glad to read your clear explanation.

Water heating is only one from my ideas which I would like
to play with.
Now I have to find some transducer producers to compare
prices and parameters.

thank you juraj