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injection molding

[b]how can i applay ultrasonic to injection molding process
if i want to decrease friction in cavity and runner system how can apply ultrasonic to mold [/b]

Hello hsadeghian,

I think the major problem with applying ultrasonics to inection moulding tools is the size and mass of the components. In other applications the tools (sonotrodes) can be custom-designed resonant systems but in injection moulding the physical requirements make this difficult: resistance to heat and high pressure, rigid fixing etc.

You may be interested in some of the work done by [url=]MPI ultrasonics[/url] - their multi-frequency systems are intended to work around this limitation.

Also, I see that [url=]Battelle[/url] is working in this field (pity they're not giving much away about how it's done!)

Hope this helps.