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Hi All
My name is Rafiq and I am from Japan. The product of my company is packaging Machine. One of them is ultrasonic sealing and packaging machine. Actually I am worried about the excessive wear of the sonotrode and the anvil working face which is dramatically reduced the tool life (especially sonotrode life). That's why I am looking for a new type of sonotrode that will reduce the machine cost. For information, I am using the sonotrode material SKD11(HRC60) and the anvil material S45C(HRC43). If possible please give me suggestion about this matter.



Hi Rafiq,

If the Google results I found are correct SKD11 is a tool steel equivalent to D2 - that should already be giving you high wear resistance. Is there something particularly abrasive about your product or process?

For a harder sonotrode material you might try one of the metal-matrix composites like [url=]Ferro-titanit[/url]. There are some that are particularly suitable for use in sonotrodes but even so I think you'll find the ultrasonics power losses increase significantly.

In the case of the anvil you can choose from a wide range of hard materials because there's no need for it to transmit vibrations - probably the most obvious choice here would be tungsten carbide, as for most conventional tools requiring extreme hardness and wear resistance.

Hope that helps, and please let us know how you get on.

Chris - site owner, chief cook and bottle-washer.