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Processing of liquids metal with ultrasonic

I'm to do PhD in treatment of aluminium alloys and I have one system of ultrasonic for aplication in liquid. There are some references about this thema, but is still confusing.

If someone have interest in this thema, I will like to exchange ideas.


Hélder Puga

Hi Hélder,

So is it grain refinement during the casting process you're looking for, or some other advantage?

I know next to nothing about this but I'm always interested to learn more, so please forgive the stupid questions...


Hi Cris,

haven't problems with your questions. In this moment I'm to do degassing, but in next stage I will go to refinement during the castings.

It's the two thema much interesting for me.


Hi Chris
In the stage of refinement I need to do an assembly of a transdutor with one mold. there is some ideas, for example after pouring liquid metal in mold, uses up one ultrasonic for vibration the surface of the liquid.

But, I want to vibrate the set (liquid more mold). For it, I have than think about one design for my mold. Are you any Knowledge about possible designs?