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Sonotrode Mounting


I have a question related to the mounting of Sonotrodes.

From the reading I've done at this point from the material on this site, as well as other sources, it seems as though the sonotrode, if designed appropriately with a flange at the nodal point, can be mounted using a split flange style design.

When mounting any type of vibrating component, my first reaction is to mount the device with some sort of vibration dampening element, such as gaskets / orings / etc. From the information that I've found so far, it appears that the sonotrode can be mounted at the flange (nodal point) directly without a dampening element as, at least in theory, there is very little movement at the nodal point.

My question: Is it standard practice to mount at the nodal point of the sonotrode with a split flange without any vibration dampening element between the sonotrode's flange and the split mounting flange?

Thanks in advance.