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ultrasonic cavitation to produce nanodiamond

Refereeing to the above url, What is the simplest way to produce 400 watts of ultrasonic cavitation for 2 minutes?

Interesting link Ida, thanks for sharing.

Ultrasonic equipment to generate 400W plus continuously is readily available - see the suppliers database for links to many sonochemistry equipment suppliers. But as with many cases, I imagine the difficult part of this application is setting the ultrasonics up for best results - the fluid properties and energy density would probably be among the critical factors.

But the paper is out there explaining exactly how the research was done if anyone would like to follow or develop it...

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According to the experiment the cavitation bubbles hit the graphite pieces and either make a diamond or they grind the graphite into smaller pieces. Hence, the 2 min. limit. longer time does not make more diamond. I suspect metering the flow past the ultrasonic head would be the solution for high production.

The diamond is separated out by boiling the mixture a few days, under pressure, in nitric acid.
So, detecting the diamond to adjust the procedure would also be tricky.