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ultrasonic cleaning

I am interested in the application of ultrasonic aquaeous cleaning (pre-treatment) of parts to be Ni plated. We apply barrel platying. Is it at all possible to get sufficient efficiency of the ultrasonic cleaning effect inside the perforated PP barrel?


Hello ewoud,

This is really a question of geometry, and without dimensions of your parts it's impossible to give an informed opinion.

However (here comes the uninformed opinion!), to me a "perforated barrel" implies something where the holes are very small compared to the diameter. If this is the case then it could be a difficult job for ultrasonic cleaning - while the cleaning process is good for getting into small holes you won't necessarily get much energy passing through small holes into a central void.

Of course if one or both ends is open during cleaning then this may not be an issue. Also, if your component has relatively thin walls then the vibration energy might go through them, particularly if you can hit a resonant frequency.

All in all this is probably one to discuss with a local supplier who should be able to test your product in a cleaner, let you see the results and work with you from there.