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Ultrasonic Peening of Parts and Welded Elements


I would like to introduce an advanced technology and new system for Ultrasonic Peening (UP) of materials, parts and welded elements. The development of the UP technology was a logical continuation of the work done before directed on the investigation and further development of known before techniques for surface plastic deformation such as shot peening, hammer peening etc.

The UP produces a number of beneficial effects in metals and alloys. Foremost among these is increasing the resistance of materials to surface-related failures, such as fatigue and stress corrosion cracking. The fatigue testing of welded specimens showed that the UP is the most efficient and economical improvement treatment as compared with traditional techniques such as grinding, TIG-dressing, heat treatment, hammer peening, shot peening etc.

A number of research projects were completed to optimize the UP process and to find the efficiency of UP for different applications such as the increasing of the fatigue life of welded elements, eliminating of distortions caused by welding and other technological processes, residual stress relieving, increasing of the hardness of materials. At present time, we can perform the UP of materials, parts and real structures as a service by ourselves or to provide the equipment for UP.

The new UP system (total weight - 5 kg) includes:

1. The hand tool which is based on using of the piezoelectric transducer. Weight of the tool is 3 kg and it is easy to use. A number of types of working heads was designed for different industrial application.

2. Ultrasonic generator. Weight of the generator is - 2 kg with power consumption of only 250 watts. Output frequency - 22 kHz.

3. Laptop with software package for Optimum Application of Ultrasonic Peening - maximum possible increase in fatigue life of welded elements with minimum cost, labour and power consumption. The software was developed based on original predictive model.

Advantages of UP:
- High (highest) efficiency
- Quick (~ 0,5 m of weld/min)
- Much less noise, vibration and easier to use than for example hammer peening
- Deeper penetration
- Computer controllable
- Robotic line - ready
- Lighter and no need in forced water cooling as compared with similar magnetostrictive systems.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need more detailed information on UP process, software and system.

Best Regards,

Yuri Kudryavtsev

Hi Yuri,

Thanks for the info. Readers may also be interested in this page on the ITL site: [url][/url] (updated link)

Chris Cheers