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Ultrasonication of a pressurized liquid

I need to perform ultrasonic cleaning of a high pressure flow process (300 bar). I would like to do this by introducing a sonotrode directly into the system. I have a 200 W 20kHz generator with a long Ti alloy sonotrode. Is this possible? Does anyone have suggestions on how this can be done (or even better experience with pressurized systems)?
- Sosa

Hi Sosa,

Sorry for the long delay responding to this. I suspect this may be an application where physical limitations and engineering challenges may be more difficult than the ultrasonics. eg. you could insert the probe through a port in the chamber but with 300 bar internal pressure would this be practical? How would you seal it? How much force will you need to resist on the sonotrode?

I guess you've probably found this already, but if not one radically different approach you may want to investigate is to vibrate the pressure vessel itself - as MPI Ultrasonics did to develop cleaning in liquid CO2.


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