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SonoAnalyzer OE version 1.2 - Rectangular (block) sonotrodes

I'm pleased to announce the immediate release of another new version: SonoAnalyzer OE (Online Edition) version 1.2 is available for download now. For full details please see the release notification on the SonoAnalyzer website.

The main change in this version is support for rectangular sonotrodes (block horns). At this stage only solid sonotrodes are supported, no slots, and the width is limited to a maximum 100mm (which in practice is
probably larger than you'd want to use for a non-slotted horn anyway). Models supporting wider, slotted horns are planned for SonoAnalyzer Pro, due for beta release later this year.

This release offers two options for block horn analysis: a simple stepped profile and a user-defined profile containing up to 12 sections of specified length and thickness, with blend (fillet) radii optionally inserted between any two adjacent sections or at the tip of the sonotrode.

Extra usage options

I've received some requests from users for extra usage on the demo version, up to and including a full month's unlimited access. I understand the wish to be able to test further and in principle I could see this as a possibility but in practice I think it would remove any reason for people to ever purchase the full version! Sadly, I already see users signing up multiple times for the "One per person" demo version... So while I'm not yet willing to give away full access to the program, as a compromise I've made two changes:

1. The free demo version now has more credit included, increased from 20 points to 50. 50 points allows up to 12 FEA analysis runs or 50 database lookups. For existing demo users with expired licenses I've added the additional 30 points and extended the expiry to 30 days from now, offering demo users who haven't yet purchased the full version the opportunity to test the new rectangular models. I'll also add a few more points to demo accounts on users' request.

2. There is now a new "Pay-as-you-go" license option giving full, unlimited access at Au$100 for one month. This could be used for extensive testing before purchase of the standard program or for users with only intermittent requirements for sonotrode design - to use it only when they need it. And for anyone who goes on to buy the full version, the cost of their first PAYG license ($100) can be deducted from the purchase price.

Full details can be found on the SonoAnalyzer website

Please check out the website and let me know if you have any questions that aren't answered there.

SonoAnalyzer Pro beta - coming soon.

SonoAnalyzer OE is intended as an entry-level product. The advanced version, SonoAnalyzer Pro, will be released late 2012 with additional functionality including downloadable databases of results (for near-instant analyses), private analysis server (cloud-based) and downloadable analysis server (virtual machine) and the ability to tackle more complex analyses. The pre-release beta version should be available shortly, only to purchasers of SonoAnalyzer OE.

Thanks again for your attention and interest in the SonoAnalyzer software. If you have any questions please contact me.