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SonoAnalyzer Updates

Information on new releases in the SonoAnalyzer series - software for sonotrode analysis.

SonoAnalyzer OE version 1.2 - Rectangular (block) sonotrodes

I'm pleased to announce the immediate release of another new version: SonoAnalyzer OE (Online Edition) version 1.2 is available for download now. For full details please see the release notification on the SonoAnalyzer website.

SonoAnalyzer RC (plus free Pro upgrade)

The first SonoAnalyzer production "release candidate" is now available through a new website set up specifically for it:

Stepped-cylinder model

The software is available now at a price of Au$600 including 12 months of product support and online access. SonoAnalyzer is optimized and packaged for Microsoft Windows® 32 and 64-bit using Excelsior JET.

Three models are included at this time:

  • a stepped cylindrical axial-mode sonotrode / booster,
  • a hollow cylindrical ring (radial mode, primarily),
  • a thin-walled tube

Other shapes are already planned and custom models are also possible as add-ons.

SonoAnalyzer new release - Beta 0.22

<Update 09 Oct 2009>
I'm still getting enquiries about this long after the beta trial has finished. Please note that this trial software is no longer available for download and no more beta versions will be released. I'm still working on the production version and aiming to release it soon.
<End update>

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