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Industrial Sonomechanics, LLC

1505 St. Nicholas Ave. Suite 5B, New York, NY 10033

Industrial Sonomechanics, LLC, provides custom ultrasonics equipment: powerful ultrasonic horns, transducers and transducer-horn assemblies, large volume ultrasonic sonochemistry reactors and ultrasonic extruders for polymer processing and devulcanization
We develop and construct custom ultrasonics equipment. Our extremely powerful ultrasonic horns and transducer-horn assemblies are specially developed to provide high gain factors and large output surfaces simultaneously. This combination of features is unique to our technology, making it exceptionally advantageous for many industrial, scientific and medical applications. Our designs of ultrasonic reactors based on these devices permit tremendous intensification of sonochemical and sonomechanical processes in large stationary liquid volumes as well as in flow-through systems.

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Alexey S. Peshkovsky, Ph.D.
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Sonotrode design
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Plastic welding equipment
Sonochemistry equipment
Liquid processing equip.
Piezoelectric ceramics
Power transducers
Custom sonotrodes
Ultrasonic knives
Magnetostrictive equip.
Giant magnetostrictives
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