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Sonotrode Calculator

This basic sonotrode calculator, below, was first released 2004. A new desktop application SonoAnalyzer OE is now available at a cost of $600, along with a free demo version (limited on time and number of analyses that can be performed, but otherwise fully functional). Both can be downloaded from the SonoAnalyzer website, and full details can be found there.

PowerUltrasonics Sonotrode Calculator

Calculate sound velocity, resonant frequency and dimensions of tuned parts for a range of power ultrasonics components and sonotrodes. Sonotrode analysis example (or click File -> Examples -> Length Ti Sonotrode)
This first version analyses axial-mode vibrations of straight rods and stepped sonotrodes. Radial and torsional mode analyses are planned for future releases. Please let me know if you have a particular interest or need for one of the options not yet set up.

Note: The calculator uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). When you first load this page you should see a simple text animation above; this will be replaced during calculations with a scale drawing of the sonotrode and graphs of stress and amplitude. If you don't see the animation your browser doesn't fully support the SVG code used.

Recent versions of Firefox and Mozilla browsers include a built-in SVG engine that doesn't support animation - to view animated images in these browsers you need to disable the built-in SVG and use the Adobe plug-in as before - more info.

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