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SonoAnalyzer RC (plus free Pro upgrade)

The first SonoAnalyzer production "release candidate" is now available through a new website set up specifically for it:

Stepped-cylinder model

The software is available now at a price of Au$600 including 12 months of product support and online access. SonoAnalyzer is optimized and packaged for Microsoft Windows® 32 and 64-bit using Excelsior JET.

Three models are included at this time:

  • a stepped cylindrical axial-mode sonotrode / booster,
  • a hollow cylindrical ring (radial mode, primarily),
  • a thin-walled tube

Other shapes are already planned and custom models are also possible as add-ons.

Ring sonotrode model

Registration is required for some areas / functions on the site - notably posting comments on the "Feature requests" page and using the support ticket system. If you've already registered for an account here on
the website you can use the same login there. Videos demonstrating the procedure for downloading, installing and using SonoAnalyzer are available on the videos page.

Tube sonotrode model

SonoAnalyzer Release Candidate (RC) is fully functional and equivalent to the SonoAnalyzer Online Edition (OE) planned for release around end 2011. This is a desktop application which installs to your Windows PC, but as the name implies, it connects to Internet "Cloud" servers to retrieve analysis results.

A second version, tentatively named "SonoAnalyzer Pro", will be released shortly afterwards with the same functionality as SonoAnalyzer OE plus additional options, to include downloadable databases of results (for
near-instant analyses) and more advanced online facilities.

As an incentive to purchase now, the first 5 purchasers of SonoAnalyzer RC will be eligible for a free upgrade to SonoAnalyzer Pro, immediately on its release. While this offer is still open you'll see "plus free Pro upgrade" in the product title on the website.

Please check out the website and let me know if you have any questions that aren't answered there.